October 3, 2014
More Then This

I looked in the mirror and say to
myself “there must be more then
Feeling like I’m am stuck in this abyss
Praying to God about unanswered
prayer has me feeling like this
How long will my angels just sit there
and sit
Watching me stumble upon hand and
Tormented by my memories
Feeling like I’m going crazy
On the outside you’d look at me and
think nothing was fazing me
I’ve lied to God with open arms to my
Then I wonder why depression is the
only feeling I can summon
Then I look in the mirror and say to
myself “there must be more then
Feeling like I’m stuck in this abyss

September 9, 2014

Make memories; don’t let your memories make you

August 30, 2014
Beautiful Disaster

I’m the type of guy that loves searching for
beautiful disasters
It’s probably gonna be the death of me
What a beautiful disaster it’ll be

May 22, 2014
The People’s Champion

I was made in God’s image
I’m God bodied
But don’t worship me
Let me just be your champion
That why my auntie calls me Roc
They said if the shoe fits then lace’em up
I’ve walked the same path as Hercules
Greener grass on the other side
And this story won’t end in a tragedy

May 12, 2014
I’m Glad I’m Not A Vampire

I was flossing listening to heavy metal
In my mouth I tasted liquid metal
Small puddles of red froam in my sink
Unfortunately the sight if blood makes
me sick
Oh Shit!

April 22, 2014
Easy Choice

I have two girls one cup; full of holy water
I took a little bit and splashed it on them
One of them hist so I took a moment
Guess which one of them has a ring on it

April 13, 2014
Special Touch

I’ve been down this road far too many
Given my heart to so many
In the end I’m always left singing the
same song and dance
Never showing my emotions
The tears just falls into my empty
Until it becomes to much to handle
and I just break
Just when I thought I ran out hope
She grabbed both of my hands and
something felt different
I told her be careful when trying to fix
a broken heart
you may just get cut on the shattered
So many tiny pieces with jagged
She looks me in the eye as I try to
look strong
But we both know inside I’m fragile
I just wanna find someone who can
make differences
Sow up the holes in my umbrella
Teach me a new song to dance to
Make me feel like we turned back the
hands of time and we’ve been
together since the beginning
What a perfect ending to a love story
Unfortunately I don’t know what the
author has in store me
I just know that I’ll do anything to feel
that special touch
That touch that gives me reason to
So as I take her hand in this leap of
I pray that the landing won’t end in a
beautiful disater

April 4, 2014
The Devils Party

No sleep for the wicked
So I’m up late
Temptation keeps my heart racing
Traped in these vivid visions
Loving every moment
I know I’ll feel guilty in the morning
  But who really cares about that
Are these demons imaginary
Lusting over my body like I’m their
God make me pure but not at this
I’m a born sinner; so can you blame
Screaming to the sky hakuna matata
It means no worries for the rest of
  your life
So when i die and fade away
Then I’ll worry a my consequences
By my right now my demons are
They’re making noises; it’s a party and
  I’m invited 

April 3, 2014
These Moments

I’m particularly in favor of the night
A cool breeze as the moon shines
On top of a hill with my headphones
Inhailing weed smoke I’m vibbing
Becoming one with the music
Nothing in the world matters right
I’m just living in the moment
Moments like this I feel at peace
In this soft grass I wanna just fall
But the stars are shining bright with the moon in the back ground
No clouds to cover this beautiful
So how could I sleep through an
  amazing moment like this
I thank God for these moments
Reality can be fucked up at times
Sometimes I just wanna grab both
  hands of grandfather clock
Have everything around me to take
But that’s wishful thinking
Time stops for no one
That’s why when your able to you gotta grab moments like these and
  cherish it

March 31, 2014
His Final Moments

It was a beautiful morning
But his mind was foggy
Demons terrorizing his soul
Depression in his eyes
Enough is enough
His body can’t any more
If he ended it today how many would
  Even miss him
How long would it take to realize he
  was missing
With no friends he’s a loner
He’s socially awkward so he hides his
  voice away
Normally he was ok with being alone
But he was going through some hard
sometimes when it rains it pours and
  at this point in his life it was
O how he yearn for a shoulder to cry
Or just a little human affection 
He stands in the mirror wonder how
  things got this way
Maybe it was from being home
Never really knowing how to talk to
Every body going out; never being
For a second he fantasize of a happy
  future; maybe everything will be ok
Then coming to the collusion that this
  was just wishful thinking
Before he grabbed is weapon of
He said a little prayer
And Now I’m praying
God I hope you understand the pain he was
  going through
And I know suicide is an unforgivin
But some people just aren’t built for
  this world
Even though your word saying there’s
  nothing we can’t handle
But where there’s no self-esteem those
  words fall into deaf ears
So have mercy on his soul as we take
  this moment of silence for all those
  who never had a shoulder to cry on

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